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Here is all you need to know about Graduation Ceremony 2022: Excited to Explore?

April 7, 2022

Celebrate Graduation Ceremony 2022


As soon as the week gets over, it will be time for your graduation ceremony in 2022! After a lot of preparation, you are ready with your academic regalia and graduation cap to venture into the next stage of your life. Yet, despite working consistently for this day, are you still getting cold feet?

Do not worry! It is normal! Besides, we are here to walk you through the entire graduation ceremony.

From what to expect to how to prepare, you can find out all the answers with this special graduation blog.

So, sit tight and keep reading! By the end of this guide, you will have the tips needed to make your graduation day in 2022 a great success.

Graduation Ceremony: An Insight


The graduation ceremony is also called a “convocation” or a “commencement”. During this occasion, you must travel up the state to receive a certificate that turns you from a “graduand” to a “graduate”. Afterward, eminent faculty members, big-name speakers, and guest speakers will deliver their speeches. In addition, the Chancellor will shake hands with attendees.

What is the Timeline for a Graduation Ceremony in 2022?


Graduation ceremonies typically last 90-120 minutes. In most universities, three to four ceremonies are held each day. Therefore, the ceremonial staff does their best to stay organized and start on time to conclude the events in due time.

Next Stop: Seating Arrangements


The graduation ceremonies are prepared with careful consideration; hence the seating arrangements are pre-planned. 

Once you arrive, you will receive guidance on how to line up along with the seating arrangements. However, it is advised that all candidates arrive 2 hours before the event begins. In this way, the staff can guide you in case you have any questions or doubts. 

Note: Don’t forget to take pictures with your family and big names during the ceremony. You can later use these images for customizing your graduation banner posts and more.

Academic Procession


The academic procession will commence your graduation ceremony in 2022! The first step is to stand for 15-20 minutes as the board members and staff enter the ceremony. Lastly, the chancellor takes the stage and gives a speech. Following this is the presentation of awards and degrees.

Acknowledgment Ceremony


The list of awards and degrees is usually arranged alphabetically by department. There are different levels of degree, such as honorary degrees, doctoral degrees, and master’s degrees, depending on your school and subject. 

You will get the graduation commencement degree once you walk to the stage to receive it!

Walking the Stage: A few tips on your graduation day in 2022


When your name is called, the big moment begins! But, in all excitement, you must make sure not to do anything embarrassing. So, check out these last-minute preparation tips-

  • Give the stage manager the name card as soon as you walk up to the stage.
  • Use your right hand to shake the chancellor’s hand
  • Take the cylindrical degree with your left hand
  • Pose for a picture with the Chancellor (flash your best smile)
  • Walk down the stage and collect your alumni data and parchment
  • Return to your seat as a graduate!

But wait! We are far from done! Your graduation day in 2022 never really ends without a party, right? So, if you have a week to prepare, make sure you plan a grand graduation after-party!

However, does planning a party seems like a lot of work? Not really! All you need is a few simple pointers!


Graduation Party Checklist:


1. Set Location, Date & Time! 

Your graduation party commences a new journey in your life! You deserve to celebrate it with panache! So, invite your friends, family, and neighbors to a selected venue. Use a banner, poster, or invitation card to let them know when and where the event will be!

You can use a custom printed poster or greeting card for the invites! For instance, we at ADPS offer a classic range of graduation ceremony 2022 posters and greeting cards you can use for your party.

Use a quirky image, a good artwork, or choose a template you like and get your invites customized! We will do the rest and deliver your prints ASAP!

2. Flaunt a Banner

You must have seen those funky graduation commencement banners on Tumblr or Pinterest, right? Well, now you can customize your own!

At ADPS, we flaunt a wide range of custom graduation banners designed just for you! What’s more? If you want to bring out your creative hats, be our guest and submit your graduation day design ideas. We will print a perfect banner you can flaunt before the world with pride!

ADPS(ARC Design Print Studio) has almost 60+ pre-designed templates of graduation yard signs, with starting price of just $11, you can customize as much you want, the way you want.

Graduation Customizable Banner


3. Yard Signs to Notify!

Why stick to just banners? You can try implementing a funky graduation 2022-yard sign on your lawn too! Let the people know where the party is brewing with a classic yard sign! 

It can flaunt an artsy graduation graphic, your image, funky color, and attractive font. This way, your party will look striking and hip!

4. Food & Beverages!

No graduation day is complete without some quintessential good food! So, remember to get hold of a caterer and plan some good food, snacks, beverages, or coolers. This will your party will be complete and you can also impress your peers with your fantastic efforts!

5. A Display Table

A display table is sweet and memorable when it comes to graduation parties. So, make a collage of your favorite pictures and use these on a custom poster print. This way, you can look back on fond memories, while adding an intriguing touch of decor to your display table.

6. Cake, Outfit, and More!

A graduation party requires a cake, fancy dress, and matching accessories to give yourself the appropriate congratulatory salute.

7. Parting Thoughts!

The above write-up sums up the basics of your graduation day- from start to the end! So, ensure to prepare accordingly for one of the best times in your life! Also, get in touch with Arc Design Print Studio for some classic graduation ceremony 2022 banners, yard signs, posters, and more for the much-needed party!

Together, let’s make your graduation commencement day the talk of the town!

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