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Where to Find Alternative Baby Birth Poster Designs?

May 17, 2022

Are you looking for unique, attractive and warm baby birth poster designs? Well, you have stumbled upon the right place new mother. Firstly, congratulations on becoming a mommy! This moment is special and if you are wanting to do a gender reveal or introduce your baby to society, we can help with that.

Now, we get that using the basic baby birth posters might not feel so exciting. After all, having a baby is a thing of joy and a responsibility for life. Therefore, whatever the occasions the baby poster design prints online need to be one of a kind.

So, without chattering much, let’s jump straight to the design ideas you can use for your baby birth poster prints.

baby birth poster

Baby Birth Poster Designs: Ideas & Tips

  1. Let the Colors do the Talking

Picking a color is an old-school method of determining the gender of a baby. For example, most people during gender reveal opt for a blue or a pink theme when giving away the gender of their baby. However, that is quite common.

So, depending on you can do a yellow/lavender themed design for your baby birth poster. If that is cliched, you can also do a rainbow theme for your baby’s birth. For example, if you are supportive of the LDBTQ community, opting for a rainbow themed poster can elude an air of generosity, acceptance and beauty.

  1. Floral Themed Template

If you are having a baby girl, and she’s born in summer, a fresh floral design template is ideal for suiting the summer baby mood. So, either click some aesthetic pictures of summer florals, or you can look up websites like Tumblr, Pinterest etc. and find an aesthetic design you can use for your baby birth poster designs.

If that sounds taxing, you can also check out our pre designed poster templates for your floral themed design. At ADPS, we have a range of custom poster templates that are suited for all occasions.

Each of our templates are original, and made by talented professional designers that you can customize to fit your needs.

  1. Play with Shapes

Shapes act similarly to hierarchy in that they create a path that your eyes can follow when scanning a poster. They are a useful tool for including the most vital details on your poster. It is advisable to place the title inside a rectangle or triangle and the headline should be placed at its tip.

Besides shapes, you can convey mood with them too: Strong, sharp edges evoke rigidity, while circles and curves evoke relaxation. Alternatively, you can use abstract shapes, such as pentagons, hearts, or stars.

Keep the baby poster soft, attractive, and warm.

  1. May the Contrast Game be Strong!

The contrast between elements in a graphic is when two elements are placed opposite each other. Creating contrast is essential to making an effective poster design as it establishes the focal point of your poster and makes certain elements stand out. So, with unique color contrast, or design contrast you can opt for an aesthetic poster design.

Delve into your creativity or look for contrasting baby birth poster templates online. Now, if you are looking for an idea that screams contrast, you can use black lines against a light background to highlight contrast; the white space draws attention to the main subject.

  1. Hierarchy works too!

Hierarchy is another idea you can opt for your baby birth poster designs.

You can set the hierarchy of elements the viewer should observe first. An organized presentation of elements, from most significant to least important, can direct your eyes in a positive direction. It’s the similar logic as when a person reads something from top to bottom or how a person tends to look at an object as the bigger picture before going to its other parts.

Time to Wrap:

This blog has come to an end, and we hope you have found your perfect baby poster design idea! Take a look at our tips, or unleash your creativity to form a good design. Alternatively, feel free to use our free online poster maker.

You’ll love how easy and fast it is. We have an infinite collection of templates or you can upload your own design and customize it. We promise authentic prints with flawless designs that will surely make heads turn.


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