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Classroom Christmas Decorations Ideas and Tips 2022

November 17, 2022

Are you ready to celebrate Christmas this year? What have you planned for your kids? Well, Christmas is a festival which is celebrated in schools and colleges as well with great zeal and enthusiasm. Classroom Christmas decorations ideas are not only about fun but it is one of the ways through which a teacher can make her students understand the importance of this day and why it is celebrated with so much excitement. 

If you are looking for some unique and creative ideas to decorate your classroom for Christmas, you have landed at the right place. Here, in this content, you will come to know about some useful classroom Christmas décor ideas to make this occasion more fun-filled and enjoyable

Table of contents 

  • Unique classroom Christmas decor ideas with customized products
  • Some Christmas classroom door decoration ideas
  • Personalized Christmas gifting ideas for kids
  • Final words


Christmas is an occasion of fun, especially for preschool children. There are so many ways of celebrating this special time of the year. 

Here are some creative classroom Christmas decorations ideas that will transform your classroom into a wonderland. So, now let’s check out those ideas below-

  1. Unique Classroom Christmas Decorations Ideas

classroom christmas decor ideas

When it comes to decorating classrooms on the eve of Christmas, you may find thousands of ideas. But if you want to make your décor stand out, you must opt for some personalized items like Christmas special custom banners, custom posters, table runners, custom graphic designs, and so on. In today’s age, custom décor items are getting huge popularity as you can design them the way you want using your creative skill and idea. Here are some tips that you can apply for Christmas décor. 

Decorate your Classroom with Christmas posters

When it comes to classroom Christmas decorations, the first thing to which children pay attention is the classroom walls. You can decorate it with Christmas-related posters and images that must include Santa, Christmas trees, bows, soft toys, etc. to create an imaginative look. You can opt for customized Christmas sticker props such as bows, Christmas trees, gifts, Santa, soft toys, etc. for decorating the walls. 

If you want, you can use different types of glossy color papers to create an eye-catchy look. By adding a colorful Christmas tree on the walls, you will see how your kids get excited about this day. 

Decorate classrooms with custom Christmas vinyl and decals  

Christmas custom vinyl and decals are space-saving and subtle decorating items that you can use to decorate windows and walls. It will look more eye-catchy and appealing to kids. You can prepare small stickers and engage your kids in them to create more excitement for the festival. 

Create a Santa nice list 

Reward your students this Christmas that brings smiles to their faces. Santa’s nice list is something like that. On the list, the name of the students will be written who have shown positive behavior throughout the session. For preparing this list, you need certain things like 

  • Christmas wrapping paper
  • 1 tinsel to frame the door
  • One custom banner for Christmas
  • Paper stars


With all these things, you can prepare the list, or you can opt for a digital printing paper with customized images imprinted on it. 

Decorate the classroom corner and make it look appealing

Your classroom corner is the right place where you can create some visual impact by adding eye catchy graphics. Custom posters and charts are great things to display there, and these create an independent learning environment for the students.  

Go with customized classroom themes for Christmas décor

You can choose customized classroom themes for decoration. You can print custom themes with the characters that children like the most such as harry porter, spiderman, superman, etc. You can opt for custom tablecloths with images of Santa and Christmas trees all around along with your school name and logo imprinted on them. It will create a Christmas theme. In some schools, custom table runners are used that are specifically printed for Christmas. 

       2. Christmas Classroom door decorating ideas 

Classroom Christmas door decoration Ideas

In Christmas classroom door decorating ideas, you can try out different things to make them the central part of the attraction. Here, in this part, you will come to know about some ideas you can opt for. Take a look –

Create a Christmas tree out of paper chain for decorating a door 

You can make use of paper chains to turn your dull and regular door into an attractive and fun item during the time of Christmas. You can engage your kids in this task and create a funny and enjoyable Christmas door decoration. 

Use colorful papers for creating a funny Christmas door 

Another creative idea for Christmas door decoration is the use of colorful paper. Glossy colorful papers are used both for Christmas and new year celebrations. It looks absolutely amazing and stunning and grabs the eyeballs of kids at once.

Santa Claus and a Colorful Christmas tree for door decoration

This is one of the most popular Christmas classroom door decorating ideas. Create a funny Santa for your front door and give your kids festive vibes. You can also opt for custom Christmas tree posters and stick them on walls to make classroom decorations more appealing and attractive. 

Fun Christmas classroom decoration ideas for doors 

You can opt for fun décor pictures to decorate the classroom door. It will create a warm welcome for your lovely students. You can craft funky trees and paste them on the wall to create a more pleasing sight. 

Create a selfie booth on the eve of Christmas 

A selfie booth is something that can lift up the mood of a Christmas party. You can use your classroom door for creating a selfie booth as it will not take up much space and cheer up all your peers in the classroom. 

      3. Plan for student Christmas gifts

To make this event more fun-filled and enjoyable for students, you can plan for gifts and wrap them in custom gift-wrapping papers crafted especially for Christmas. It will make the event more special.

Personalized gift items for kids

classroom christmas decor ideas

Christmas brings another holiday shopping season and children feel more excited when they get gifts from Santa. Along with classroom décor ideas, here you will get some information on personalized Christmas gifting ideas for kids. Let’s check them out –

Custom table runner 

Table runner for Christmas
Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

Make children’s mealtime more fun-filled and exciting with custom table runners. You can design them with different cartoon characters, trees, flowers, and fruits and make parents’ lives a little bit easier to feed their children. It is the kind of gift which will be liked by both parents and kids. There are tons of designs available to make them look attractive. Unicorns, princesses, jungle animals, superheroes, and many such options are available you can opt for.

Custom posters for kids’ classroom

Custom posters for Christmas
Pic Courtesy: Adobe

Design posters with cute cartoon characters and gift them to your kids. These posters are amazing for decorating kids’ rooms. You can choose any fairy, princess, or cartoon character to make it look attractive. 

Final words

As Christmas is coming in the next few weeks, you must get ready with all the decoration items and ideas to transform your classroom into a winter wonderland. If you are looking for a place where you can get custom Christmas posters, banners, and other customized items, visit the site ARC Print USA. You will get all types of custom printing items here. 


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