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Custom Printed Calendars – Decorate Your Walls with Something Innovative

November 9, 2022

It’s almost 2023. The beginning of a new year. After New Year’s Eve – Saint Sylvester’s Day, leaving all the fun parties and games after midnight begins another busy year that will push you towards your career goals, and dreams and make you grow in your life.


However, even in this busy life, we need at least some things to get ourselves out of boredom. We also would like to have some fun and enjoyment with our family, friends, and colleagues. And for that, we need to keep notes of our daily appointments, important work days, the special days of our loved ones, and the holidays for vacations.


So, here we are! Providing you with the best choice from our side with Custom Printed Calendars. For you to keep track of all those important days and brighten your home or office in a unique way.


Have a look to learn more!


Table of Contents –

Set the Tone of Every New Year with the Personalized Calendars

  • Why Custom Printed Calendars?
  • Where can you get Custom Printed Calendars?
  • Custom Wall Calendars – Features
  • Different templates
  • Different purposes to use the Custom Wall Calendars
  •  How to get your Custom Printed Calendars – some easy steps
  • The end


Set the Tone of Every New Year with the Personalized Calendars

The first and foremost tip from me is that, don’t only depend on a pre-designed and digital Calendar.

You may think “why the Personalized Calendars?” when it’s a whole digital world and we can get everything on our mobile or computers, and pre-designed Calendars are also there.

That’s why we are here. To brief you about what a Custom Printed Calendar can do and why not a digital or Pre-designed Calendar.

Let’s have a look!

Why Custom Printed Calendars?

You can get so many features at once, unlike a normal or digital Calendar. A normal or digital Calendar can obviously help you keep track of days and months. But that’s the end of it. The Custom Calendar is much more helpful and unique than that. It can be customized in your own way. It will brighten your house, and office and also help you keep up-to-date as a normal and digital calendar.

The features of a Custom Calendar –

  • First of all, it’s unique and fully designed by you. With your own selected pictures which nobody else has.
  • You can add all the festivals to the dates. Even those which are normally not included in the pre-designed or digital Calendars.
  • You can design it with nice patterns – For your office, you can design in a formal pattern that includes your company’s logo or the colors of the logo. For your living room, you can use nice peaceful designs or showcase your pet’s pictures, or you can use your family pictures.

Where can you get Custom Printed Calendars?

In ARC Print you can get Custom Printed Calendars. Have a look here and choose your Calendar with ease. We specialize in document printing solutions and custom printable products. As for Calendars we have different templates for Wall Calendars which you can customize in your own way.

Custom Wall Calendars – Features

We have Custom Calendars in the standard size of 24″ (W) × 36″ (H). And the material is heavy bonded paper stock. You can get these Calendars at the lowest and most affordable price. Our Custom Calendars price starts from $1.50 only.

Different templates

We have different kinds of templates where you can add your company name or logo, images, quotes, important notes, festival and vacation dates, etc.

The templates are –

  • Landscape Calendar – US
  • Landscape Calendar – Canada
  • Portrait Calendar – Canada
  • Portrait Calendar – US


These are the 4 templates that we have for now. It can be customized in your way however you want.

Different purposes to use the Custom Wall Calendars

There are many ways to use a Wall Calendar, be it for Corporate gifts or your own use. Moreover, a customized one. Let me brief you about some of the ways where you can use the Calendar for different purposes –

  • Reminisce the old memories and plan ahead for your future family quality time

Want to remember the important days, anniversaries, and birthdays of your loved ones? Or want to plan ahead for vacations or quality time with your family? Want to reminisce about the old days? Then design the calendars with your family photos, add notes of the important appointments or note down your vacation plan from before. Remember the special days and show your loved ones that you care for them.

  • Make the little ones feel delighted with some small details

Use some cartoon pictures that your kids love, Design them in cheerful patterns, or add your kids’ photos or game pictures. Note down their important school meetings, exam dates, or their loved ones’ special days so that they can keep track of those dates and take care of their daily meaningful life. 

  • Remember all your important office appointment or build your brand recognition

Want to promote your business? Or having problems keeping notes for your meetings, and appointments? Add your brand name or company logo, build your whole company profile in one single calendar, and give them to your clients, employees, or co-workers. It can work as a good corporate gift and motivate your employees or build a good relationship with your clients. It will also bring more recognition to your company. Or note down the important meetings, appointments, and holidays for your own use.

  • Make your pets feel loved

Do you love your pets? You sure do, or why would you keep them around you? Showcase the fun moments with your pets by adding their photos with cute and lovely patterns, and mark your pet’s birthdays, appointments with vets, etc.

  • Gift something unique in the festive seasons

Give something special to your loved ones during the festive seasons. Be it Christmas, New-year, or any occasion. Try to use some family pictures or nice quotes. It can showcase your care and make them feel good. Try to use some nice nature or environment pictures, with delicate designs for the old ones. It can make them feel your love and care.

How to get your Custom Printed Calendars – some easy steps

With ARC Print you can get your Custom Calendars in some easy ways. We help you by providing our easy-to-use DIY tools and some easy guidelines.

Let’s learn how to get your Personalized Calendars –

  • Start by searching ARC Print or
  • Look for the “Calendar” option
  • Choose the size, material, and quantity as per your preference
  • Click “Start your design”
  • Choose the template and add the details you want
  • Preview the design and then make the order

The End

So, what are you waiting for? Try our custom calendar templates and make one for yourself. Keep it in your home, or office, or give it as a gift to friends or family on Christmas or New-year. Have a look to explore more: ARC Print.

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  1. I appreciate that you mentioned how effective a wall calendar with the business logo is as a print marketing tool. As you mentioned it could be a great corporate gift to give as a token to clients. It would be a fantastic means of taking advantage of the company’s brand, in my opinion. I appreciate you sharing this. I’ll be sure to pass this along to friends who work in businesses so they can give it a shot.

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