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DIY Graduation Yard Signs 2022: Find Your Perfect Fit

May 13, 2022

3 weeks ago, a frantic Cam came to us with a design request for the perfect graduation yard signs 2022 banner! He was the class president tasked with planning the memorable graduation party for his batchmates.

He did not want to get it wrong as it was a matter of pride and sentiment for him. Next, our talented designers consulted with Cam, and he found a perfect design for his custom graduation banner. He used quirky aesthetic designs and printed a one-of-a-kind banner for his graduation party.

His fellow classmates loved it, and Cam celebrated a special graduation day with glamour and grandeur.

If you also want to create the best custom printed graduation yard signs like Cam, we can help you out! However, unlike him, you will find your answers in this blog! 

DIY Graduation Yard Sign Banners: Get Your Best Fit

Create & Customize a Graduation Sign Online

The time has passed when you have to wait in line at a print shop to get your banner prints. Currently, the control is with you. Digital stores like ours provide you with the perfect platform to design and customize your graduation yard signs in any manner you like. 

Plus, it gets done in a few minutes. Check out the Procedure –

Step 1: Use ARC Design Print Studio’s collection of yard sign templates to create a personalised graduation sign. You can also create your unique custom yard sign design for a truly exclusive DIY touch.

Step 2: For your graduation yard decorations, pick the yard sign template that fits your classes’ graduate style; you can make it happy, quirky, fun or keep it clean with a picture of your class. For additional details don’t forget to add school colors, designs, congratulatory texts etc. that showcases unity and celebration.

Step 3: Arrange your design and customize the graduation yard sign 2022. Add embellishments, select the type of paper, quantity and review your final design template.

Step 4: Place your order and leave the printing part to us!


Design Tips for Graduation Yard Signs 2022

  • Bokeh Effects

A bokeh yard sign layout is an enchanting way to congratulate recent graduates in a cheerful way. By focusing on parts of an image that are out of focus, the bokeh design achieves a pleasant and creative aesthetic blur. 

Moreover, by adding this border to your graduation yard sign, you are not only adding an artistic touch but also implementing a touch of photography. This is the perfect graduation banner for art-loving graduates, they’ll appreciate the addition of a photography element to their yard signs. 

  • Congrats Yard Signs

Your class of alumni will love a ” Congrats Message!”.  The graduation yard sign can be modified by adding various photos with diverse font colors that reflect your school.

Let your congratulations shine through to your grads as you express your gratitude for their hard work.

  • A Unique Gallery Yard Sign

As the centerpiece of your graduation sign, proudly display a photo of your class graduates. Alternatively, you can select up to six photos to be the focal point of your graduation yard sign 2022

Make the design dynamic by including a monogram or a border in the school colors of your graduates and a congratulatory message like, “Congrats” or “Good Luck!”. Our gallery yard sign layouts will make your classmates feel the authenticity of the yard sign print.

  • Alum Year Graduation Banner

If you want to keep your graduation banner simple and bold, you can opt for alum year banners. Furthermore, this type of graduation yard signs are suitable for individuals who are photo shy. Instead of an image, the graduation yard sign shows the year they graduated.

In addition, for this type of layout decorate the year of graduation with a classy design, and add the school’s logo. For instance, you can use a bold font, or emboss effect.

Final Conclusion

This wraps up a few of the graduation yard sign 2022 banner design ideas from our end! You can also check out Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest for unique banner graphics. Use quirky or artistic designs and put on your imaginary cap. 

On this note, do not forget to get your graduation yard signs printed by us. Using our own innovative print technology, we assure high quality, durable graduation banners that can be the showstopper of your event. Get in touch with us now!

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