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Who Offers Same Day Calendar Printing in the USA?

July 14, 2022

As the age of digitization dawns upon the world, many assume that custom-printed calendars will fade away. Nevertheless, ARC claims otherwise.

There are more than 20 million calendars sold yearly with the United States topping the list. However, post-COVID, the need for custom calendars started to boom. Many of our clients contacted us with a need for same day calendar printing.

Initially, this was a tad unusual and we asked them about the exact need for same-day calendars!

The reasons of our clients were unique and subjective! Today, this blog will share some fascinating stories about on-demand custom calendar printing.

Grab some munchies and give it a read!

Robert’s Motivational Mantra

Robert Camden from Oregon gained a lot of weight over the pandemic. On 1st March, he had a revelation to give himself a timeline to lose 7 kilograms within a month.

As soon as possible, he wanted to get started. His purpose was to use a motivational calendar with his old image printed on the background. This way, he could tick off the dates and keep track of his progress throughout March.

Therefore, on the same day, we receive a call from Robert who enquired whether ARC Print can offer him same day calendar printing? It was challenging, but ARC was ready to deliver a promise!

Robert customized his calendar as per his needs and our printing team set to work. We delivered his products by day-end and made him a happy man.

Last-Minute Gifts for Employees

Miss Chen Xu runs her NGO and employs around 50 homeless women to work on handicrafts and handlooms. As the year was ending, she wanted to share her thanks with all these women and impart gifts as a sign of goodwill.

She was sharing goodie bags and realized a customized print of each woman with their image would make her gifts look compact. She had heard of ARC Print’s same day photo calendar printing and wanted to give it a try.

When she contacted us with her requirements, we got her to consult our professional designer. Post that, she used our templates and submitted her designs for 50 customized printed calendars. True to our words, we delivered her printed calendars on the same date.

Consequently, she gave us a 5* rating and praised ARC Print for its timely deliverance, quality, and affordability.

Brenda Needs Her Head in the Game

Brenda has been thinking of going to an IVY League college for as long as forever. With high school about to end, she decided to become a practical planner and track her daily studies the old way.

While digital screens are easier, her father used paper calendars all his life, and today he’s successfully earning an 8-fig salary. Therefore, she decided to order same day custom calendars and track everything from scratch.

She designed the calendars using images and quotes from her targeted Ivy League college and submitted her final template. When we delivered our products on time, Brenda was quite thrilled.

As a meticulous human, she expected results and we delivered. A few months later, Brenda typed a review for ARC Print with an image of her in Yale. We were thrilled to see that by using our products she had accomplished her dreams.

On that note, yes, it is indeed possible to print monthly calendar on a same-day basis with ARC Print by your side.

You see, calendars might not be things of fashion people use. But printed calendars are necessary whether in a corporate office or at home.

  • Businesses, retailers, hospitals, data centers, schools, and more use customizable calendar printing to enhance their branding. You can often see hanging calendars with brand names on commercial facilities indirectly promoting a brand.


  • Furthermore, each year, businesses order bulk calendar prints for gifting during events like thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, etc. This is to promote the brand with the motive of spreading goodwill among employees and clients.


  • 150 years ago, the Germans started a custom of calendar gifting on special holidays. Soon, this tradition reached the US, and to date, this tradition prevails. Therefore, many families invest in same-day calendar prints from trusted companies to ensure that they carry out their traditions like always.


  • In addition to the above lot, students, working professionals, and people who like being organized order more than 500 calendars every day.

Well, that’s about it for today! So, if you are looking to invest in a calendar to print 2023, ARC Print can get it done for you the day you order. Make sure you order early in the day so that our team has the best chance to print picture-perfect calendars for you.

So, regardless of your needs, order your same day calendar printing from us, and we will give you A-grade ones that you can flaunt at work or home.


Same day calendar printing is no more a challenge with ARC Print by your side. Keep reading to know more.

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